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Dog Walking Reminder

Via John from RoyaleLife

Added at 14:28 on 12 April 2021




12th April 2021

Dear Residents,

Once again we have received complaints regarding residents walking their dogs off leads and not clearing up any waste left by their dogs. Several piles recently even had to be cleared up by Royalelife staff directly outside the Estate Office.

Please can we remind all residents with dogs of the park rules;


11.2 Subject to the foregoing Rule 11.1 any pet must be kept securely within its owners mobile home except when under and within the direct control of its owner.


11.3 Any pet must not be permitted to cause a danger or nuisance to any other person whether by noise behaviour or otherwise nor to cause any damage to any property upon the Park.


11.4 The pet owner must without unreasonable delay remove and dispose of safely and hygienically any faeces of such pet.


We look forward to receiving your support in keeping the Park a clean and safe environment.

Thank you for your understanding and continued co-operation.

Kind regards,

Gail & Jim Willcocks

Area Managers

07917 969 489


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