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New Meter Reading Dates

John Smith

Added at 09:19 on 27 January 2021

Good Morning All,

We hope your all keeping well and Staying safe.

Please find below table of dates we now require your metre readings for electric and water.

Please can we make sure that you submit your reading on the day asked for, so I have time to send to Head Office as it is not a 5-minute job.

Those of you that have asked for meters to be read this will continue.


Electric Dates I require reading please:

17th March 2021

17th June 2021

16th September 2021

16th December 2021


Water Dates I require readings please:

20th January 2021 (staff will read as not a lot of notice given)

16th April 2021

15th July 2021

18th October 2021


Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Take Care

Jim & Gail

Water Readings this month

AGM - 17th August

Used print cartridges to the Titcombes